Chartrulean has been gifted with an extraordinary mind. Because of his significance to Arcas’s religious authority, the Jhardeho Order, he was born into a messianic role he did not want. His ultimate rejection of that role led to his exile. But a threat to their world called him back. 

His discovery of a new controversial form of energy ends a war, but being the “most powerful man on Arcas” isn’t something he is prepared to handle on his own. 

With the help of a friend from his past, the boy he saved, and the woman he loves, Chartrulean must discover that in order to save the world, he must first save himself. 

Aud Andrews

Kathleen Klein

Adam Neill

Christian Collado

Magnus Carlssen

Adrian Galley

Angela Hochman

Danielle Yonkers

Steve Lefever

Abraham Shaw

Kennedy Phillips

Karl Nordman

Steve Potter

Stacey Lightman

Karin Neill

Cal Barton

Kieran Regan

Maxine du Maine

Amina Koroma

Boyd Barrett

Jonathan Cox

Nina Nikolic

Heath Martin

Shogo Miyakita

Israel Omodi

Punyaha Mukherjee

Sivan Raz

Keith Neussbaum

Chris Bellinger

Willy Zep

Heath Martin

Michelle Kelly

Kathryn Vinclaire

Morrison James

Megan Burnasco

Angela Dill

Vickie Doerr

Hannah Radcliff

Edward Calvey

Julie Cunningham

Sean Renner

Nick Price

T. Rex

Kathleen Klein

Adam Poole

Lily Kowalski

Efi da Silva

Haley Disterhoft

Joe Chan

Anh Le

Eric Hibbeler

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