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"Though damaged, this vessel still looks vaguely like a man. But whatever humanity there once was -- can I find it again, or has Jhardeho killed that part of me?"


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The main protagonist, Chartrulean (pron: Char-tru-lee-un) is a man with a difficult past who is plagued by a disease that is causing him to go mad. He’s a prodigy shipbuilder with a history as a revered religious authority turned “abomination”. He is at the center of several controversies due to his obsession with ancient forbidden technology. He has superman intelligence, is analytical to a fault, broods constantly, and is incredibly temperamental. His problems are exacerbated further by his obsession for King Starbringer’s daughter, Princess Sophrosyne, as well as his newfound capacity for experiencing emotions. 

Sides: Chartrulean Monologue | Chartrulean and Havelion 2 | Chartrulean and Sophrosyne 2

Chamberlain Yoba

Yoba (pron: Yo-buh) is good at people. His job is to help King Starbringer identify friends and enemies. He is one of Chartrulean’s only close friends, their relationship going back to their days as students in the seminary. He’s a smooth-talker, has a sharp wit, and appreciates all the finer things in life. He’s quick to help Chartrulean wherever needed and is almost always seen at King Starbringer’s side, but the men he’s always so quick to serve also frustrate him to no end when things fail to go according to plan.

Sides: Yoba and Chartrulean | Yoba and Josquin


Havelion (pron: Huh-vay-lee-yon) is Chartrulean’s protegee, and a refugee of a pariah race called Jhardekai. He is also a Lieutenant under Admiral Lapadine and a skilled pilot. He leads a team of nine paladins, who are test subjects for a new experimental and highly controversial war tech.  He challenges people to be and do their best, but his unpredictable behavior and sharp tongue keep Chartrulean and Admiral Lapadine on on their feet. He is fiercely loyal to Chartrulean, but struggles to maintain his faith in him as he spirals deeper and deeper into madness. 

Sides: Havelion and Chartrulean 1 | Havelion and Chartrulean 2

Princess Sophrosyne Starbringer

Sophrosyne (pron: Suff-russ-oh-knee) is a headstrong princess who is fighting for relevancy in a world fraught with conflict. She’s spent most of her adult life hiding in the countryside because of the war with the Rau and increased tensions in her home city, Simitu. Now that the Starbringer’s have returned, she’s impatient to learn the ropes of becoming a smart politician and respectable leader. Like her father she’s full of self-doubt. She’s haunted by a recurring dream that she’s convinced has to do with Chartrulean, but can’t quite seem to get him to lower his guard long enough to test her theory. Her persistence with him leads to a complicated relationship that grows into dependence.

Sides: Chartrulean and Sophrosyne 1 | Chartrulean and Sophrosyne 2 | King Starbringer and Sophrosyne


Prince Imsep

Imsep is King Starbringer’s son, referred to openly as “the broken prince.” He is fashionably and effeminate, and disdainful of his father and sister. He enjoys the finer things, and outwardly doesn’t like to waste too much time doing princely things. Like his father, he wears his emotions on is sleeve, and often plays victim.

Sides: Imsep, Sophrosyne, and King Starbringer 


Josquin is an alderman of a nearby province who appears to demand justice for being sidelined during peace negotiations with the Rau. He is also the charismatic ringleader of an underground political movement comprised mostly of wealthy young people. He is flamboyant, a rabble rouser, and one of Yoba’s nemeses. But he also has a sweet spot for Prince Imsep.  

Sides: Yoba and Josqui

King Starbringer 

King Starbringer is a charismatic leader with a lot of self doubt. He’s caught between following his heart and doing what’s expected of him. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, and copes with challenges by seeking out Admiral Lapadine’s wine collection. He is also trying to be a good father to his children, Sophrosyne and Imsep, but sometimes isn’t the best listener. 

Sides: King Starbringer and Yoba | King Starbringer and Sophrosyne

Admiral Lapadine 

Admiral Lapadine (pron: Lap-uh-deen) is the head of the royal armed forces. He is also in charge of Astreus Labs, where Chartrulean conducts all of his experiments. Torn between upholding his reputation amongst his generals and supporting Chartrulean’s efforts, he often finds himself running damage control. He’s a good friend to King Starbringer, and always shares his wine. He usually has an even temperament, is very loyal, and trustworthy.

Sides: Lapadine and Chartrulean

Drechen / Grobien / Cydar

Drechen (pron: Dret-chen), Grobien (pron: Grow-bee-un), and Cydar (pron: Sy-dar) are members of an alien race called the Rau. They are ambassadors whose job it is to negotiate the terms of peace with King Starbringer. They are ageless and oppressive, often being likened to carrion birds. They have a flair for the dramatic, and are always poking their noses where they don’t belong in an attempt to stir up chaos. Cydar, the eldest, is sickly, and coughs frequently. 

Sides: Chartrulean and Drechen / Grobien


Magogoso (pron: Mag-go-go-so) is a monk with a twist. On one hand he is devoted to his religeous order, and on the other he is a traitor and a smuggler. Chartrulean considers him an ally, but others who know the extent of his activities are leery. He always puts on his best attitude and has a sharp sense of humor, even in dire circumstances.

Sides: Magogoso and Chartrulean


Maldoro (pron: Mal-doh-ro)  is the head of The Jhardeho Order, the planet’s ultimate religious authority. He views people as ignorant and incapable of steering their own destinies. Under his leadership, The Order has grown corrupt and oppresses people in order to exert control over them. In a way, he believes he’s doing what’s best for the future of the planet, but deep down he’s aware of the extent of his corruption. He absolutely hates Chartrulean and King Starbringer, and just hearing their names puts him into a seething rage.

Sides: Maldoro and Imsep


Artedemis is a member of an ancient religious order called the Mystics, as well as Chartrulean’s predecessor. He’s said to be around 180 years old, and his time on Arcas has made him rather salty. But he is also a powerful guiding voice for Chartrulean, switching back-and-forth from that to playful carmudgeon. 


Cythaelia (pron: Sith-ay-lee-uh) is Sophrosyne’s chambermaid and guardian. She is observant and not shy about putting people in their place. Behind a small, girlish exterior is a fierce warrior, specially trained to protect the princess from assailants. It’s her purpose to protect the princess, which she extends to matters of the heart. 

Sides: Sophrosyne and Cythaelia


Borsha (pron: Bor-sha) is Chartrulean’s lab assistant, a.k.a. lab “mom.” She harbors a secret long-held crush on Chartrulean, but he views her caregiving nature as nagging. Despite his tendency to make her cry, she sticks around. Maybe she holds out some hope that he’ll come around, or maybe she has nowhere to go? She’s comely but mousy, and the men who visit the lab notice her. She only wishes Chartrulean would, too, and is insanely jealous of any woman who even remotely appears to draw his eye.

Sides: Chartrulean and Borsha 1 | Chartrulean and Borsha 2


Shan is Chartrulean’s former Matron and a member of an ancient religious sect called the Mystics. She is very old, but is incredibly snarky and doesn’t hold back her opinion. 

Sides: Chartrulean and Shan

minor roles

Corbin / Famke / Quay

(Pron: Kor-bin / Fam-kee / Kway)

All Jhardekai paladins, these young men are warriors. They are shy and take their jobs seriously, often speaking up to support Chartrulean and Havelion. They don’t have much to say, but have a presence in the story.

Sides: Paladins


Abruc (pron: Ab-rook)  is another Jhardekai, but is a little older and more level-headed than Havelion and the others. He likes to flatter the ladies, but tries to be the “adult” among the other paladins. He is a favorite of King Starbringer. 

Sides: Abruc, Havelion, and Cythaelia 


Abraset is Josquin’s lapdog and “poet” behind all of their underground movement’s propaganda. He is a convincing liar and master manipulator. 

(Sides will be available for this role at a later date, but may be considered from Josquin and Imsep applicants.


Loris is a a contract engineer working under Chartrulean, and a former coworker. It’s implied that he originally left due to difficulties working with Chartrulean, but has recently returned to help speed on production of a new fleet of ships. He is sensitive and a bit of a self proclaimed gossip. Despite being a little difficult to work with himself, he always wants to have something to offer.

Sides: Loris and Chartrulean


Bhodekai (pron: Boh-duh-kai) is the leader of the Drema, protectors of the city of Idrica. He has a history with Chartrulean and Havelion, and serves as their personal escort when they visit the city. He is exotic, soft spoken, and charming, but loves his draft. 

Sides: Bhodekai greets Chartrulean, Havelion, and Sophrosyne

Nicola / Sunyata / Homena

(Pron: Nick-oh-luh / Sun-yah-tuh / Hum-en-uh)

All Jhardekai paladins, these young ladies are warriors. They are shy and take their jobs seriously, often speaking up to support Chartrulean and Havelion. They don’t have much to say, but have a presence in the story.

Sides: Paladins


Pytra (pron: Pie-truh) is a savvy entrepreneur who refuses to wear anything but the finest gowns–even to a factory. She is comfortable around men, and tries to woo Chartrulean while belittling Sophrosyne.

Sides: Pytra and Chartrulean


Hona (pron: Hoh-hun) is Sophrosyne’s mother and King Starbringer’s wife. But tragically, she died long before the story takes place. We only hear her voice through letters and flashbacks, but she was a much adored queen. She is said to have been sweet and gentle. 

(Sides will be posted at a later date. Applications for Yulia will be considered.)


Yulia (pron: Yoo-lee-uh) is a member of an ancient religious authority called the Mystics. She’s ageless and sexless, though she’s referred to using female pronouns. She is a guiding voice, and peer to Artedemis. 

Sides: Artedemis and Yulia


The story of Chartrulean is driven in part by narration. There are two narrator voices. The male narrator is used most frequently, and supports sections of the story that are dominated by Chartrulean. The narrators should have experience in voiceover for audiobooks, or similar works. 

The story of Chartrulean is driven in part by narration. There are two narrator voices. The female narrator is used less frequently, but supports sections of the story that are dominated by Princess Sophrosyne. The narrators should have experience in voiceover for audiobooks, or other similar works. 

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