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The Weight of Meaning

A surreal psychological horror podcast

Brothers John and Daniel encounter a storm on the way to hear their grandfather’s dying words, and find themselves trapped inside his troubled mind in his final hours of life.

In this version of reality, the storm is unrelenting. The outside world cannot be reached. Rooms move through time, revealing long-held secrets. The exotic animals, released from their enclosures, roam the property freely.

Amid these circumstances, John and Daniel hope to derive their grandfather’s final words. All the while, they are hunted by the monstrous amalgamation of his shame, fears, and regrets.

The Weight of Meaning is about breaking the cycle of generational trauma and includes themes of conditional love, physical and emotional abuse, and man’s fight against nature—all against the backdrop of a bleak rural countryside.


Content warnings: Depictions of dementia, PTSD, death, substance abuse, airplane turbulence, car crashes, severe weather, emotional abuse, physical abuse, gambling, weapons handling, hunting, animal captivity, animal death, animal mutilation, misgendering, terrible monsters, biblical references, anthropomorphism, jump scares, and adult language.


Aud Andrews as John

Zach Cipriano as Daniel

Stacey Lightman as Mary

Written, directed, and sound designed by H.M. Radcliff

Composed by Alexandre Miller

Featuring “Hit the Road” by Aud Andrews

Additional sounds provided by Kevin McEachern and Andy Wardlaw


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