tales for howling at the full moon

An informal anthology series of short works of audio fiction, co-created by Aud Andrews and Hannah Radcliff. Each episode is produced quickly and haphazardly as an exercise of creating without overthought.  

03.2022 WORM MOON

"Ruf 'N' Tumbill"

Willet Hargil Folintus Tarnin Escavellius Boleti Goodvent Pillter Coburnikel Eugene Robers, AKA Tumbill, is just your everyday bounty hun–errrrr, Criminal Acuisition Specialist, out there lookin’ for love in the cosmos. Will the universe abide?

Written by Aud Andrews

Starring Aud Andrews as Tumbill, Sarah Lynn as the speed dater, B. Narr as the unknowable being, Edward Calvey as the interviewer, and Erin Lundquist as Ruf

Sound design and viz by H. M. Radcliff. Main theme and “What is Love? (Baby don’t Hurt Me)” Cover by Aud Andrews

02.2022 SNOW MOON

"Marcilene and the connected blobfish"

Jonah is just your regular everyday blobfi–er, human–living in a far-future dystopia. Then he meets Marcilene.

Performed by Magnus Carlssen and Dallis MacKenzie, Story by Hannah Radcliff, Music Aud Andrews

01.2022 WOLF MOON

"The Nothing"

From his window, a man watches the slow devolution of humanity after half the world is consumed by The Nothing.

Content warning: contains themes that some might find distressing, including depictions of suicide.

Performed by Aud Andrews, Story by Hannah Radcliff and Aud Andrews, Main story music by Hannah Radcliff, Aud Andrews, and feat. Matt Radcliff and Micah Jerrell, Closing song “Nothing More” performed by Aud Andrews

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