Actor, writer, musician

Aud Andrews

Aud Andrews is writer, composer, and Audio Verse Award-nominated voice actor. He has brought a wide range of characters to life, including the conflicted lead protagonist of Packhowl’s The Madness of Chartrulean (summer 2022), Mitch Wheeler in The Waystation, and a suburban werewolf in Pinball Productions’ upcoming horror/thriller, Become.

His voice is also featured in Mala Prelude (Backstage Sound Stories runner-up 2021), The Silt Verses (Audio Verse award-nominee 2021), Stormchasers, and Packhowl’s short anthology Tales for Howling at the Full Moon. For the former, Aud also wrote “Ruf ‘n’ Tumbill”, and co-wrote “The Nothing”.

Aud’s music can be heard leading the D&D/anime crossover adventure, Stormchasers, as well as Tales for Howling at the Full Moon. Outside of podcasting, his music can be found on Bandcamp and Spotify, featuring both covers and original compositions.


Chartrulean is our flagship audio drama, currently in production and slated for release in spring 2022. 


An anthology series of shorts you listen to while you howl at the full moon.

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