#ADRAID (audio drama raid) is an experimental effort to increase the visibility of audio dramas by bolstering shows by the numbers. How? By hosting coordinated “raids” to rate and review shows honestly and fairly.

How it works: At 7pm CST every Tuesday, Packhowl Media will promote a show on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ADRAID. This will include a link to the show on a platform of the creator’s choosing. 

We encourage as many people as possible to then share/retweet this using the #ADRAID hashtag. Raiders then have until the following Sunday to listen and leave a fair rating and/or review.

To have your show raided, fill out the form below. Submissions will be randomized weekly and added to a queue. Shows will remain in the queue until they are raided. Even though the initial order is randomized, we will be making sure that creator representation is evenly distributed.

There are only a few rules.


For Raidees
  • We have a “give and get” policy. When you submit for a raid, you will be asked to provide at least 1 “raid receipt.” These can be links to reviews, or screen shots of ratings or reviews you’ve left. Receipts don’t have to be from raids, any review will do so long as its recent.
  • While only one receipt is required, for every additional receipt you provide, you will be moved up in the queue one position. 
  • We will not raid shows or creators that promote misinformation or hate speech. Period.
  • There will be no way to tell where you are in the order since it’s randomized. So please be patient 🙂
For Raiders
  • You don’t have to do anything special to join the party, just leave ratings and/or reviews for shows!
  • Please listen to enough of the show to leave an honest and thoughtful review. This is not a call to blindly give shows 5 stars. Please don’t rate something you haven’t listened to. 

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Questions or concerns? Email info [at] packhowlmedia.com | Follow #ADRAID on Mastodon

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Be Raided
In case we have questions.
It can be a comedy or drama in any category, this just provides a broad view to help sort shows into 3 categories.
Very important: Please direct us to the platform where you are wanting reviews (ex: Goodpods, Podchaser), not just your RSS feed. If you don't have a preference, just link us to your RSS host.
"Prominent" means a creator or cast member who has made a significate contribution to the project, not just a background extra or minor character or contributor. If you're wondering whether you're "marginalized enough" then the answer is most likely yes 🙂 Shows that misrepresent themselves will be excluded.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
We will include your cover art in our tweets, newsletter, etc.
#ADRAID has a give and receive policy. You will be asked to provide "receipts" below. If your answer is "no," go leave a review then come back to this form 🙂
If uploading screenshots instead, just enter "screenshot".
If uploading screenshots instead, just enter "screenshot".
If uploading screenshots instead, just enter "screenshot".
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
You can upload screenshots of your reviews in lieu of links.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
By providing a .txt transcript of the latest episode of your show, you're helping us review it for any potential content warnings, etc. This is highly encouraged.
We will not use or share your personal and private information with any third parties. All data collected on this form will only be used for raid-related things.
We will only send you raid-related emails. Opt out anytime.

Don’t have a show, or just want to join the raid party and get updated via email? Fill out the form below. If you’ve opted in to receive email updates above, you do not have to fill this out.

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